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Fire Dampers A0 - A60 - 2C

The fire damper is a component that prevents flames from spreading inside the air conditioning or ventilation system installed in a ship.
It can be installed in load-bearing structures such as decks and bulkheads.


General Features

  • Available in both 316L stainless steel and galvanized steel
  • Drilling our standard or according to customer requirements
  • Electronically motorized
  • Flange from 30mm to 50mm


  • min 200×200
  • max 1000×2000 – 2000×1000

(they can be combined to obtain dampers outside the standard range)

  • case depth: 300mm


Basically, it is divided into two categories:

  • certified A0
  • certified A60

You can have it also in class 2C, according to the UNI EN 1751: 2014 standard.

Fire resistance test