About Us

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Years of History

Our History

1965-2020, 55 years in business

Founding Menbers

Our founding members - Mr Lorenzon Ivaldi and Mr Zigaina Vittorio - began working together in 1955. They were working for a local craft business in the refrigerator industry.

Lorenzon & Zigaina SRL
The Company

In 1965 they founded their first company: LORENZON & ZIGAINA S.R.L.

The company initially dealt with industrial maintenance and, as contractors, for industries producing refrigerated sections.

Ventilation Systems
The Seventies and The Eighties

Our firm began working in ventilation systems business at the end of '70s. More specifically, we started producing and installing ventilation ducts for the ships and industrial plants.

In the early '80s, we expanded in the business of industrial maintenance, operating in multiple factories around Monfalcone.

The founding of ISOL. ME. CAR. SRL

ISOL.ME.CAR. S.R.L. (mechanical insulation & carpentry) was founded in 1989 to satisfy the increasing demand in the shipbuilding industry.

While the old LORENZON & ZIGAINA S.R.L. continued working in the civil carpentry business, the new company focused on a specific line of products for cruise ships (like certified fire dampers, air intake grids and droplet separators).

The Corporate Merger
The Corporate Merger

The productive activity of the two companies has merged in ISOL.ME.CAR. S.R.L. in February 2003.

Currently, we operate in 2 production facilities (Monfalcone and Staranzano), in an area of 4000 SQM, with over 20 employees.

The Company Today


Today we are specialized in the shipbuilding industry, in details we focus on the production of:

  • certified fire dampers
  • grids
  • water spray removals
  • custom metallic structures

We also carry on plant maintenance and production of artefacts for civil and industrial fields. For instance, we produce and instal custom manufactures like fences, wrought iron products, products for the food industry and metallic carpentry works.

We also deal with the construction of fume extraction plants, sheds and soundproof spaces.

Our Team

Currently, 21 employees work in our team; 17 are specialized workers.

To guarantee a quick installation service, we collaborate with 4 external units.

Our Plants

The company currently operates in 2 plants:

Headquarter - Monfalcone

Via dei Bagni Nuova, 5 – 34074 Monfalcone (GO)

Production Plant - Staranzano

Via Grazia Deledda – 34079 Staranzano (GO)

Performed Orders

We have delivered our material to more than 110 shipyards.


Our fire dampers have been certified Marine Equipment Directives (MED 2014/90/EU) with RINA (modules B, D 001 and D 002).

We have been certified ISO 9001:2008 since 2012. Our quality management system has been implemented in 2018, according to the new standard ISO 9001:2015 and periodically, our company is verified by RINA.

We have been certified for structural works according to the standard EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 (for the execution of class EXC 2 steel structures) since February 2019.

Some of our welders have the license and they are certified according to the standard UNI EN ISO 9606-1:2013.